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Club Trout Lake lays claim to a rich and large wildlife habitat area providing maximum chances to harvest a moose and possibly a real trophy rack.

Our location
in Témiscamingue, Quebec, zone 13, moose paradise.


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Moose Hunting

6 reasons for a successful hunt.

1-  An important herd containing about
     188 moose.
2- One of the highest quotas allotted
     by the ministry of wildlife
     to any exclusive outfitter (possibility
     of harvesting 132 moose per three years)
3- One of the highest success rates in  
4- We control the number of moose   
     harvested yearly.
5- One moose per two hunter party.
6- Early fall season


Our Territory

- 438 km2 of exclusive hunting area
- Made up of mixed forest, providing
   good cover and abundant food
   supply for moose.
- This territory was selected by "Forêt-
   Québec" as a pilot project to test
   integrated  forest management practices.
-  Forestry practices using smaller cutting    
   areas spaced further apart on the
   territory, and spread over a longer period
   all contribute to, and even improve moose 
- Some territories have not yet been hunted.
- Other new territories recently made

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Bear Hunting

Increase your chances to harvest a large Black Bear possibly a real trophy specimen

- 1 000 km2 of hunting area.
- Abundant bear population, presently
   under harvested.
- An agreement with our neighbor, Kipawa
   ZEC, increases our hunting area and an
   even richer wilderness for our customers.
- Recent forestry operations stimulate
   regrowth of fruit shrubs for bear feed.
- Hunting spots baited professionally and
- A limited number of hunters