You can get exclusive moose hunting rights on a territory.

Few places in Québec can offer this type of rare opportunity to hunters.

A very limited number of such exclusive territories can be offered in this way at Club Trout Lake.

This offer is being made on hunting spots newly made accessible by opening up roads for ATV's.

These hunting spots have rarely been hunted before, as they have been so hard to reach.

For further information and pricing, please contact us directly:

Noël Thibault, Club Trout Lake
P.O. 157, Belleterre P.Q., Canada, J0Z 1L0
Tel. : (819) 722-2424

click on one of these territories (red, orange, blue) for photos and related information.

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Exclusive moose hunting rights for you and your group of hunters on the territory for the full length of the contract.


-  Allows for long term  
- Access to territory during the
  off season
- Get to explore your territory
- Make your personal
   preparations pre-hunting   
- Benefit from preferential
   season opening dates


A contract for a minimum of three years, and up to nine years is agreed upon by CLUB TROUT LAKE and you.

All and any conditions can be added to the general conditions of each contract, and are determined by the parties.