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A bit of history

Club Trout Lake is situated between the northern BOREAL FORESTS of northern Quebec and the MIXED FORESTS of the Ottawa valley to the south.

The remarkable diversity of the forest and the variety of lakes both contribute to a wide range of abundant wildlife.

This vast area was determined to be exceptional wildlife habitat very early on.

The whole area covered by Club Trout Lake was originally granted to the Algonquin trapper population and referred to as the Great Lake Victoria Beaver Preserve.

From this vast area will eventually emerge
- LaVérendrye wildlife reserve,
- Club Trout Lake and
- Kipawa ZEC

This well demonstrates the Quebec Government's intention to give the territory it's status as exceptional wildlife habitat .

In keeping with the particular role intended for the territory, the managers of Club Trout Lake have succeeded in protecting it from the growing pressure to develop commercial activities in this wildlife management area.

This is why clients, new or repeat customers, always have laudatory remarks.

Some even say:

" This is God's Country" ...

... Welcome to God's Country.